Friday, September 30, 2016
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L.A. Offices:       
Customer service hours
Mon-Fri  10am to 5pm   For Event Information Call (323) 560-7469
Mailing address: 4515 E. 59th Pl. Maywood, Ca 90270        

San Bernardino Offices: 
Customer service hours
Mon-Fri  10am to 5pm   For Event Information Call (909) 889-9300
Mailing address: P.O. Box 3328 San Bernardino, Ca 92413

Beaumont Offices:
Customer service hours
Mon-Fri  10am to 5pm   For Event Information Call (909) 542-3322
Office address: 1501 E. 6th Beaumont, Ca 92223
Mailing address:  P.O. Box 3328 San Bernardino, Ca 92413

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  • The Opening Of The Rose Bowl Flea Market
  • Our Sellers Have Fun and Earn Extra cash
  • Enjoy 4 Days A Week  At The Beaumont Market
  • Next to the Ocean At The Ventura Flea Market
  •  Great Deals At The San Bernardino Market
  • Looking For Collectible Old Sports Stuff
  • Great Things That Are different And Fun
  • Looking For Fashion New or Vintage
  • Our Markets Feature Some Great Furnature
  • Looking For That Special Game Room Item
  • Find The Most Unusual At Our Events.
Next Show (s)

Next show is this Saturday at the Beaumont Outdoor Market     GET INFORMATION

Rose Bowl  Flea Market 
2nd Sunday of every Month
Next Event....
October 9th

Ventura Flea Market

Next Event....
November 20th


San Bernardino Outdoor Market
Every Sunday
Next Event....
October 2nd


Beaumont Outdoor Market
Every Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun.
Next Event...
October 1st

picked up some art and other goodies, so it was a good thing her bodyguard
was along to help her carry her flea market finds!


The serious designers shop at the Rose Bowl Flea Market 
Read more>


Interior design expert Michael Ostrow guides Heidi Klum around the Rose Bowl

“I bargained my preggs booty off at Rose Bowl flea market & got awesome stuff,”

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