Rose Bowl Purple Area



Arts & Crafts Merchandise

No car spaces

Located in area 800 of the Rose Bowl Stadium.

  • $125.00

Spaces are 10’ Frontage x 10’ Deep (NO CAR) You will be permitted to drive in to unload your merchandise and then remove your vehicle to the Vendor Parking Lot.

With car spaces

Located in area 800 of the Rose Bowl Stadium.

  • $125.00

Car spaces are 10’ Frontage x 30’ Deep- These spaces are large enough to accommodate a vehicle and are assigned a specific number from which to sell in.

Permanent space

Located in area 800 of the Rose Bowl Stadium.

  • $100.00

This price is for permanent vendors for the Arts & Crafts Area.

Purple Area information

Permanent Vendor Information

 To obtain a permanent space which is the same space each month at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, you will need to purchase and maintain 3 months of selling spaces in advance as well as purchase a Vendor I.D. card which is updated annually for $10.

(Example) To initially qualify for the permanent space discount and you wanted to start in January. You would purchase January, February, and March tickets. When January comes then you would need to purchase another month. Always maintaining 3 unused tickets at all times.
Permanent space prices for the Purple Area are ($100.00) depending on location.

 You may contact our office and speak to one of the members of our Sales Team to get further detailed information on how to obtain a permanent space or any other questions you may have. (323) 560-SHOW (7469) dial 0  Monday – Friday