*If you would prefer to place an order by phone please call:

Monday – Friday 10:am-5:pm.

 (323)560-7469 ext 0

Seller’s Application Form

This is not an order for space it is an application to request space.

Please complete the following information to submit your application for a selling space with us.  After submitting your request you will receive a call from us to proceed with your order. Your order once completed will be e-mailed to you or will be at the event will-call window depending on your delivery choice.

  • Please make sure you select the section and area you wish on the order form. (Section is the Circle, Orange, or White box.) (The area would be your price choice.) Any notes about your preferences should be in the box you are listing your items for sale. Without your area selection, your request can not be processed.
  • All orders received after Wednesday the week of the show will be at will-call for pick up the morning of the event.
  • Will-call opens at 4:00 am and you need to arrive by 6:30 am to buy or pick up tickets.
  • If you select a stand-by cancellation ticket there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell on that day. However, in almost all cases we are able to get the stand-by tickets in a location. If we are unable to locate a space for you, you will receive a full credit or refund. You will need to check in at will-call by 6:30 am. We start moving in cancellations at approximately 7:30 am.
  • Enter a 6-digit code to represent your signature R.G. Canning Enterprises Inc. represents your acceptance of all policies, information, and rules listed under the previous tabs on this site’s pages including, “event goes on rain or shine“, “no refunds, credits or exchanges” and “all sales are final“.
  •  If you do not receive your ticket(s) in the mail or get a duplicate if your tickets are lost. You can go to the will-call office on the day of the event for assistance.
  • Occasional Seller? If you sell less than 2 times in a fiscal year in the entire State of California. As an occasional seller, you will be required to fill out a CDFTA410D form from the State of California.
  • To obtain a Sales Tax Sellers permit Online Services (ca.gov) or by contacting them at 800-400-7115

Place your mouse on the space box of your choice and click. If there is space available in that area they will be displayed along with the price. Remember your space choice is by general area.

Make sure you make a selection any orders with no space choices can not be processed.

Please READ:

If you have selected the event beyond the current event please enter your area and space preference in the items and note box under vendor information. The pull-down space selection boxes display only available space for the current month.

Note* If you select a space box and there are no choices of spaces or prices we are sold out in that area.

  • NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, or CREDITS will be made for any reason, all sales are final, and the event goes on rain or shine.

Space order


Personal information

Vendor information

Shipping information

Make sure all required items are filled in.

  • Space sizes vary by location. A complete description of space sizes will be explained to you when we contact you about the selection you made regarding space availability.
  • To help control traffic congestion, only one vehicle will be allowed to enter per selling space. Any additional vehicles carrying merchandise will be required to purchase an additional selling space, if available. Trailers are considered vehicles therefore NO trailers are permitted unless additional space is purchased. The vehicle cannot be longer than 20’, or additional space must be purchased.
  • NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, or CREDITS will be made for any reason, all sales are final, the event goes on rain or shine.
  • Prohibited Items: Food and beverages including pre-packaged, produce or canned goods Pornography, counterfeit items, Firearms, ammunition, Knives, Weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, Nazi memorabilia, no medical treatment, or services that require physical contact.