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Book Space in Ventura Flea Market

Please complete the following information to submit your request for booking space with us. After submitting your request you will receive an email conformation when your order is processed and charged to your card. Your order will be mailed to you or will be at the event will call depending on your delivery choice. If you do not receive the conformation email within 24 hours of your order please call 323-560-7469 x 507

  • All orders received after Wednesday the week of the show will be at will call for pick up the morning of the event.
  • Will call opens at 4:30am and you need to arrive by 6:30am.
  • A shipping and handling  fee of $5.00 will be charged to each order.
  • * Enter a 6 digit code to represent your signature to authorize R.G. Canning Enterprises Inc. to charge my credit card for this order and represents your acceptance to all policies including event goes on rain or shine, no refunds or exchanges and all sales are final.

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