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Use an action-based engagement metric for the first round of tracking

In social marketing, this amounts to a click. If we get their attention, buy instagram followers instantly what do we want to do with it? Do we want them to share? Click off to a landing page? Actually purchase something? Participate in a contest? Here is where have to understand what sort of action works toward those larger marketing and business goals. One thing to note here is that people don’t typically like to leave the native app, and herein lies the rub of social media marketing: while we say that our Facebook and Twitter pages are owned media, they’re not really owned – they’re rented. Nowhere is this more evident than when we want to understand how those Facebook likes led somebody to engage on our owned properties. Facebook’s been stripping away various functionalities over the past 2 years that used to allow brands to capture more information from their Fans, ostensibly because it improves the user experience. With that in mind, setting expectations to engagement higher up in the funnel (rather than direct lead capture) is the best bet.

first round of tracking

Follow these leads through the funnel

Leads may ultimately convert off an e-mail or a sales call, and it’s up to us as the Social Media Manager to make sure that multi-touch attribution is considered and counted toward our own social marketing KPI’s. Most affiliate models credit the originator of a new lead with the sale; our company buy 100 instagram followersmay have a last-touch model. Whatever the revenue attribution model is, it’s important for everyone that might touch a customer to understand where that customer has been touched along the sales cycle. This is another place wherein good software with great analytics come in very, very handy.

Prompt leads to the next step of engagement

Now that we got his number, it’s time to use it… wisely. Yes, we should wait at least 3 days. If we have an email nurturing queue set up to add teeth to our social marketing program, should i buy instagram followers so much the better. If we don’t, we might consider getting one set up. It’s up to us to determine how engaged and interested our leads might be in our product. Working with our demand generation team here (if we have one) is a great way to build bridges internally, and make sure that the folks we’re sending along are being welcomed appropriately.

Follow those clicks

If we’re fine with just understanding what content is engaging folks, measuring the engagement on our social channels themselves (and keeping track of the message amplification therein) is good enough. But if we really really want to use our social media properties to drive people into the purchasing pipeline, that click needs to take them off-site – and that means that we can track them. This level of tracking is typically for buy followers on instagram free those of us who live in an online purchasing model. That said, even if we’re selling cat food in a local store but have an online presence, it’s nice to know what content on our site is keeping people engaged. (And if the “Prettiest Cat Contest” is bringing people in droves, we might consider taking online orders.)